From Namskar Restaurant

    We just recently started using AdvanceTable.com and I have yet to heavily advertise our new online order, reservation and gift card service yet, as we work out some kinks and I want to make sure it's perfect before I advertise the heck out of it, only way you would know about it is by the link on our website. But already we've seen some incredible results We are currently doing 3-5 orders per weekday, and 10-12 orders per weekend online, not to mention avg. 5 new reservations each day The nice thing is that we don't have to take their call, mess with them on the phone, it just prints and we make it or schedule it. To AdvanceTable's credit, they are customer service oriented, their site works very well, and I have had numerous customers comment on how easy it is to use. I've even had customers say they much prefer our online service over Boston Pizzas and OpenTables' . I'm also very pleased with the simple customer order entry interface. We have set it up for credit card purchases and everything works extremely well. All we have to do is have the food ready when they come to pick up which has been paid for already. This saves a bunch of time. We have set it up so three key people get an email alert on their phone when an Online Order or reservation is received as well as our in store monitor. Its a great system! Customers enjoy browsing through the menu and taking their time to enter their order. I've seen customers placing orders after midnight (at their convenience) for pick up in the next afternoon. Our customers are increasing their order size and reserving tables more often and I know it's because the online process that AdvanceTable provided makes it easier for them. This means increased sales for us and happier, more loyal customers!

    Trilochan Sekhon info@namskar.com
    Owner: Namskar Restaurant
    Calgary, AB