It is very simple to start receiving online orders from your customers:

Register your restaurant at and email or Fax us your restaurant's menu. 

  We will convert your static menu to an interactive online menu that can be customized according to your restaurants brand identity unique look and feel.
  Add an "order online" link on your website homepage. We will provide a link to your interactive menu. 
  You will charge your customers directly as if they are sitting in your restaurant.
  Invite your customers to visit your website and start ordering online. We can recommend ways to get more customers by spreading your online menu around the internet. There are many free online tools offering ways to advertise your restaurant's menu.
  You will start getting online orders to your computer or by fax from your customers and increase sales and profits. 
  We will confirm all your orders and will make sure that the orders have been accepted in the restaurant.
  There will never be an order that you will not get and confirmed!
  For more ideas on how to market your restaurant online 
Watch your business grow.
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